Water Scarcity and Solutions: Global to Local


  • Richard Atwater
    Richard-W.-Atwater-600x400.jpg Executive Director, The Southern California Water Committee
    Richard Atwater is the Executive Director of the Southern California Water Committee.  As Executive Director he has been engaged on all aspects of water policy issues affecting southern California: the Colorado River, statewide issues like the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) and drought action plan, stormwater capture and water use efficiency, water recycling and desalination.  He has pioneered many nationally recognized award-winning water projects.  In 1994 Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt awarded Mr. Atwater the Conservation Service Award, the highest citizen award for natural resources management. And he has received from three separate Governors the Economic and Environmental Balance Award (Wilson, Davis and Schwarzenager).

  • Henry Barbosa
    bov_barbosa1_edited.jpg Law firm of Vera & Barbosa, a specialist in local government agencies for over 30 years, served on the Board of Directors for MWD for over 6 years (1995-2002), including service as Vice-chairman, and over 6 years as Assistant General Counsel (2002-2007) reporting directly to the MWD Board.

  • Richard Boon
    Richard Boon Photo.jpg Chief, Orange County Stormwater Program
      Richard Boon has 25 years of experience in environmental management practiced in academia, consulting and in local and national government.  He currently administers the Orange County Stormwater Program on behalf of the County of Orange, Orange County Flood Control District and 34 cities of Orange County.  He is Chair of the California Stormwater Quality Association and a member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management.  

  • Megan Brousseau
    Megan.jpg Program Director, Inland Empire Waterkeepers
    Megan is Program Director for Inland Empire Waterkeeper, part of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Waterkeeper is a voice for citizens and the environment in the pursuit of Swimable, Fishable and Drinkable water for all. An active member of the Inland Empire community, Megan has spent a decade working on projects that increase community  livability and sustainability, and works to connect learners to their communities and local environment.

  • Peter Gleick
    peter_gleick_edited.jpg President & Co-founder of The Pacific Institute, Oakland, CA
    Dr. Peter Gleick is a leading scientist, innovator, and communicator on global water and climate issues. Gleick received the prestigious MacArthur “genius” Fellowship in 2003 and has been named “a visionary on the environment” by the BBC. He was elected in 2006 to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. He co-founded and leads the Pacific Institute in Oakland, one of the most innovative, independent non-governmental organizations addressing the connections between the environment and global sustainability. He is the author of many scientific papers and ten books, including the influential series The World's Water and Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water from Island Press, as well as the A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy , released in 2012. He is a graduate of Yale University and the University of California, Berkeley, where he received an MS and a PhD.  

  • Richard Hazlett
    hazlett_pict.jpg Professor of Geology and Stephen Pauley Chair in Environmental Analysis, Pomona College
    Richard Hazlett is the Coordinator of the Environmental Analysis Program, a Professorin the Dept. of Geology, and the Stephen M. Pauley Chair in Environmental Studies at Pomona College. He has co-written several textbooks, including Roadside Geology of Hawaii, The American West at Risk, and Geology and the Environment, and is a four time winner of the Wig Distinguished Teaching award at Pomona. His current research includes pollution generation, transport and environmental impacts.

  • Kenneth Manning
    Manning WQA picture_edited.jpg Executive Director, San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority
    Kenneth R. "Ken" Manning rejoined the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority (SGBWQA) in March of 2011 as their Executive Director.  From 1992 through February 2005, Ken served as a member of the Board of Directors for the SGBWQA. Prior to March 2011, Mr. Manning served as the CEO of the Chino Basin Watermaster, the court appointed agency responsible for administering the 1978 judgment for all water users in the basin. Ken served as President of the Association of Groundwater Agencies (AGWA) from 2005 to 2009 and currently serves as Chairman of the California Groundwater Coalition (CGC).

  • Char Miller
    Miller-Char08s2.jpg W.M. Keck Professor of Environmental Analysis, Pomona College and Coordinator of the Claremont Colleges Environmental Analysis Program
    Miller is the author most recently of On the Edge: Water, Immigration, and Politics in  the Southwest (2013), Seeking the Greatest Good: The Conservation Legacy of Gifford  Pinchot (2013), and co-author of Death Valley National Park: A History (2013). He  is a regular contributor of essays, commentary, and reviews to professional journals,  newspapers, and online media; his blog, Golden Green, explores environmental issues in  California and the West for KCET.org. In 2013, Miller received the Wig Distinguished  Professor Award for excellence in teaching and The Pinchot Medallion, form the Pinchot  Institute for Conservation for his contributions to environmental education and policy-

  • Brinda Sarathy
    brinda-sarathy.jpg Associate Professor of Environmental Analysis, Pitzer College
    Sarathy teaches courses on U.S. environmental policy, California water politics, and environmental justice. In 2013, Sarathy was chosen to be part of the William R. Gianelli Water Leaders Class, a selective one-year program sponsored by the Water Education Foundation, and aimed at educating emerging community leaders about water issues. 

  • Branwen Williams
    CamSandersNov15-0033_edited.jpg Assistant Professor of Environmental Science W.M. Keck Science Department, Claremont McKenna, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges
    Dr Branwen Williams' research focuses on the use of corals and algae as tools to tell us about changes in our environment. She creates record capturing environmental variability from chemical measurements of the hard skeleton in marine organisms to understand how our oceans and climate have changed over the past several hundred years. Using these records, she can discern changes in the oceans and atmosphere in response to natural factors and human-induced change. At the Claremont Colleges, Dr. Williams teaches the course Global Climate Change and Oceanography.

  • Heather Williams
    Williams%2c Heather  92013_edited.jpg Associate Professor of Politics, Pomona College
    She studies and teaches global water politics with a focus on Latin America, California, and the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. She is the co-founder of a community-based water defense project in the highlands of Peru, and is currently at work on a book entitled, "River Underground: The Secret Life of the Sana Ana."

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